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People from about more than 200 countries have migrated to Australia,
making Australia one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world

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Medical insurance benefits and
tuition protection

Student visa holders are protected by government with their paid tuition fee and receive medical benefits. Under the Australian federation government, ESOS ACT, student’s tuition fee is protected and if student cannot continue his/her study, it will be refunded or transferred.

The excellence of education and world-class university

Student can experience unique and innovative education system that produce 15 Nobel laureates. Also, 50% of Australian university is ranked in top 300 world university rankings.

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Scholarship programs

Australian government offers scholarship to excellence students and researchers by scholarship program.

Language Communication and freedom of choice of region

Students can learn standard English accent in any region in Australia as Australia has no regional accent. There is broad choice of region and student only need to consider culture, living costs and others

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Multi-culture and safety law

There is no racism on international students as Australia is multicultural country. People in Australia understands the difference of culture and live in diverse environment. Australian government is strict on race, religion, and gender discrimination.

Geographical advantage, less time difference with Philippines

It is easy to contact to family and friends in the Philippines as Australia has only 1-2 hours time difference with in the Philippines.

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Early graduation in higher education

Australian bachelor degree is 3 years program, therefore, it is quicker to get qualification compare to United States and Canada. It also saves money and time of students.



As there are eight Ivy League schools in America, Australia has the best Australian Universities called “G8” (Group of 8). G8 universities consist of the best international and exchange students from North America, Europe, Asia and other countries and many Nobel laureates graduated from G8 university.

QS 2019

Australian National University (24th)

ANU is ranked 1st in Australian university and 24th in QS World University Rankings and it is located Canberra (capital city of Australia). There are two Australian prime minister and 5 Nobel laureates from ANU, and According to “Emerging Global Employability University Survey”, ANU ranked 1st in employment rate of graduates in last 6 consecutive years.


The University of Melbourne (39th)

The University of Melbourne is the leading university in the world that has more than 150 years of history of research, teaching and learning sector. There are international students studying in the University of Melbourne from more than 150 different countries. The University of Melbourne is in top 10 in the QS 2019 World University Ranking (employment sector) and ranked 39th in the QS 2019 World University Ranking.


The University of Sydney (42nd)

The University of Sydney is the oldest and largest university in Australia and raked 42nd in QS 2019 World University Rankings. The University of Sydney has 16 faculties and have partnership with the great universities in overseas. According to British Daily Telegraph, Huffington Post and The Disney-Pixar, The University of Sydney is in top 10 of the most beautiful universities in the world.


The University of New South Wales (45th)

UNSW is established in 1949 and ranked 45th in QS 2019 World University Rankings. It also ranked 24th in QS Graduate Employability Rankings since it has the industrial networks. There is 50,000 international students from 120 countries.


The University of Queensland (48th)

The University of Queensland is one of the leading university in Australia which as 13,337 international students from 140 countries and have total 51,070 current students. UQ ranked 48th in QS 2019 World University Rankings and received 5 stars on its education and research, infrastructure and employment rate. Also, the ability of graduate's employment is in top 50 in the world.


Monash University (59th)

Monash University has only 60 years of history but build high reputation in short period time. Monash University ranked 59th in QS 2019 World  University Rankings and receive 5+ stars in employment, education, professionality, facility, research, globalization and other areas. Monash University has campus in four different countries and have more than 150 partner university in 26 countries.


The University of Western Australia (91st)

UWA established in 1911 and it ranked 91st in QS World University Ranking. UWA is in charge of 70% of Western Australia’s research and including Nobel laureate Barry Marshall who found Helicobacter pylori and other professors influence to USW students. UWA graduates has high employment rate compare to other university graduates.


The University of Adelaide (114th)

The University of Adelaide ranked 114th in QS World University Rankings and has the 140 years of history. There are 5 Novel laureates from The University of Adelaide and 100 students received Rhodes Scholarship. Also, there are more than 130 students who received Fulbright Scholarship as well. It proves the quality of the University of Adelaide.


Australia has ATN (Australian Technology Network) university which is technology focused universities while there is G8 universities in Australia. ATN universities train students not only academic skills but also real industrial practices to be able to prepare the employment in the future. It spreads to four different states and put effort on training students with innovative and creative, social responsibility. As a result, there is high rate of salary and employment rate compare to other university graduates.


University of Technology Sydney

UTS located in the global city, Sydney and it offers active and high quality of education system. UTS graduates are trained by innovative and practical education and they go into the real industry. UTS received 5 stars in QS Stars in its research, faculty, global and innovative areas and gained worldwide recognition.


RMIT University

In 2014, RMIT emerged to become the best engineering, designing school and architecture, IT, Industrial design, and interior design courses are popular. RMIT has partnership with Rolls-Royce, Siemens, Nestle, IBM, Deloitte, Alcoa and other global companies and students have gain global experience in related field.


University of South Australia

University of South Australia has short history in Australia but ranked 25th among the top 50 universities in QS World University Ranking among the universities that are less than 50 years. Also, 91% of graduates find a job in 4 months which proves the quality of program.


Curtin University

Curtin University started with engineering school and well known for its traditional engineering school. Main campus of Curtin University is located in Bentley where 15 minutes away from the Perth city and it is also popular university for local students due to high employment rate and salary. It offers 860 courses including agriculture, business, IT, design, education, engineering, public health, nursing, arts, law, medical and science.

New South Wales

New South Wales is a southeastern Australian state




Victoria is a state in south-eastern Australia



Tasmania [ AU ]


Queensland is an Australian state covering the continent’s northeast



Western Australia

Western Australia, covering the entire western third of the country



South Australia

South Australia is a state in the southern central part of Australia




New Zealand Universities are ranked in the top 3% in the world
by QS World University Rankings

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The benefits of New Zealand Universities
  • The qualifications you'll gain in New Zealand are highly regarded and sought-after by employers and other educational institutions around the world.

  • When you study in New Zealand, you will learn beyond your subject. you will become a confident, critical and creative thinker. These skills are highly prized by employers worldwide.

  • As a member of the Lisbon Qualification Recognition Convention, New Zealand qualifications are recognised in over 50 countries.

What you can do while study in NZ Universities
  • Working 20 hours per week during the year

  • Full time during scheduled breaks

  • If you are a student, who is studying from Postgraduate Programmers(Level 8), your partner and dependent child can live in NZ with the same duration like you. You partner can be eligible to apply a work visa and your child can study free in NZ schools as a domestic student.

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What you can do after study in NZ Universities
  • Post-study work visa (open) for 12 months

  • once working, visa options for a further 2 or 3 years

Migration Opportunities
  • There is a bonus point calculation for your qualification if you graduated from NZ Universities and Your Program Level.

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New zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand is a country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean consisting of 2 main island




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Canada has a well-established position
among the world’s leading study destinations

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International Environment and Academic Excellence

11 of the top 250 Universities in the world can be found in Canada. At University level study, students are likely to encounter internationally educated professors and lecturers. This helps foster in the students a more global outlook as they pursue their careers after graduation.

​Various Levels of Study and Pathways for Every Kind of Student 

In Canada, students have the option of studying programs at different levels depending on their preference. A student can opt to spend 1 to 2 years in a College and be immediately job-ready for specific occupations. After spending some time in the workforce and accumulating more experience, they can continue to upgrade their qualification and earn credits as they enter a University.

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Cost of Living and Tuition Costs are Competitive

5 of the top 100 best student cities in the world are in Canada. Canada’s cost of living can be considered one of the most affordable in the world. Students are also allowed to work 20 hours per week on a Study Permit and even more on Co-Op programs to help alleviate living costs. There are ample opportunities throughout the provinces, regardless if it’s a big metropolitan city or regional areas. Tuition of schools are also very competitive when compared to top study destinations such as the US, UK, Europe and Australia.

Study Direct Stream

The application process for a Study Permit in Canada can be made simple by this unique system, the Study Direct Stream. With this mechanic, a genuine student would be relieved of the burden of gathering so many financial documents. A reasonable upfront payment of tuition fees and a Canadian bank’s guaranteed investment certificate are all that’s needed to comply with the financial requirements of a Study Permit Application.

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Preparing for Canadian School List

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